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18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Sideboard

1311201918th Century Antique Sideboard 28½d max 22d ends 37h 74w _9.JPG

18th century George III period mahogany antique sideboard of superb scale and with all the restrained extras one would expect of the period. This sideboard is made from a really fine cut of mahogany, with flame mahogany on the drawer fronts and the top constructed from a huge single sheet of timber. The bow fronted design allows for a fuller figured sideboard to appear much slimmer than it really is, because the eye is drawn to the depth at the ends. This is not just a more elegant design than a flat fronted sideboard, it also allows for more storage within and a larger surface area on top to arrange food, cheeses, or lamps flowers and family photos, depending on the requirement. There are lots of lovely details, too, with crossbanding, stringing and tall tapered legs, this sideboard is sure to impress family and friends alike.

English circa 1790 £2800

72.5cm / 28½" deep max
56cm / 22" deep ends
94cm / 37" high
188cm / 74" wide

George III Period Mahogany Antique Pembroke Table

111120191810 Antique Pembroke Table 19w 37½w 35¾d 28½h _10.JPG

Charming little George III period mahogany antique Pembroke table. This table is very nicely made, with reeding around the edge of the top, elegant turned legs, thin frieze, double loper supports, one real and one dummy drawer, mahogany drawer linings, precision dove tails, dense grained mahogany and hidden hinges.
This is a really good little Pembroke table for the money and it is 28½" high which is about as tall as they come at this period.

English circa 1810 £420

48cm / 19" wide
95cm / 37½" wide
91cm / 35¾" deep
72cm / 28½" high

George III Period Mahogany Antique Pembroke Table

111120191790 Antique Pembroke Table 30d 19½w 38w 28h _1.JPG

Very pretty George III period mahogany antique Pembroke table standing on square taper legs with fine quality brass caps and casters. This is an elegant table with stringing around the top and unusually on the corners of the legs as well. The top has a nicely detailed molded edge and there is the normal arrangement of drawer and dummy drawer. This is a very fine table and it is hard to believe that a two hundred year old table could be in such fine condition and at such a low price too.

English circa 1790 £1250
05 19 04

76cm / 30" deep
49.5cm / 19½" wide
97cm / 38" wide
71cm / 28" high

Eighteenth Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Pembroke Table

111120191790 Antique Pembroke Table 19¼w 37w 32d 28h _11.JPG

18th century George III period mahogany antique Pembroke table. This table is made from a really pretty cut of mahogany with close grain and it has faded to such a lovely golden colour that it looks like satin wood. The square taper legs are slender with brass caps and casters. There is a reeded edge is the earlier sort with more lines than the 19th century version. One side has a drawer in the frieze, the other side has a dummy drawer. This is a really finely made and good looking early Pembroke table.

English circa 1790 £720

49cm / 19¼" wide
94cm / 37" wide
81cm / 32" deep
71cm / 28" high

18th Century George II Period Mahogany Antique Side Table

111120191740 Early Mahogany Antique Side Table 26w 17d 28h _8.JPG

Good early mahogany antique side table made of a really good cut of dense grained and well figured mahogany. Sometimes referred to as a low-boy, this antique table is a useful size being narrow front to back while having lots of storage space. This is an interesting period of furniture making as it represents the very first years of the use of mahogany which proved much more durable than the walnut that had been used in the previous decades. What a wonderful thing that this little table is so well made that it should be still in use after almost three hundred years.

English circa 1740 £3800

05 19 05

66cm / 26" wide
43cm / 17" deep
71cm / 28" high

Early 18th Century Oak Antique Side Table

111120191710 Oak Antique Side Table 18½d 26½ 24h _2.JPG

Lovely small scale early 18th century oak antique side table with a drawer in the frieze and stretchers between the legs. This is a really charming little table with great colour and patina which will improve further when we have polished it with beeswax.

English circa 1710 £460

AGH 002

47cm / 18½" deep
67cm / 26½"  wide
61cm / 24" high

20th Century Chest Of Drawers From The Links Range Made By Harris Lebus

0911201920th Century Lebus Links Chest of Drawers 31w 17¼d 31½h _2.JPG

This is an elegant chest of drawers from the Links range made by Harris Lebus who was one of the largest furniture makers of the 1950s and claimed to have the largest furniture factory in the world. Lebus was from Germany and moved to England in the 1840s and this chest of drawers has all the build quality you would expect, with precision dovetails and mahogany drawer linings. The handles still have a little of the original gold on them which we recommend to leave alone, but repolishing the timber is included in the price if required.

English circa 1955 £650


79cm / 31" wide
80cm / 31½" high
44cm / 17¼" deep

Two Hand-Made Stools With Built-In Down Cushions In The Manner Of Howard and Sons

0911201920th Century Hares Antiques Made Pair of Down Stools 20d 20w 19h _1.JPG

These two stools were hand made in our own workshops to be a slightly taller version of the Howard and Sons stool design. The frame is tennon jointed and the upholstery is two stange hand stitched horsehair with a down feather cusion on top. The fabric is Christopher Norman "Jester", keep or change as you like.

English circa 2005 £350 each.

51cm / 20" deep
51cm / 20" wide
48cm / 19" high

Large Mahogany Coffee Table

0711201920th Century Coffee Table 30 deep 42w 19h 20h _1.JPG

Unusually large mahogany coffee table in the manner of Thomas Chippendale, it has pierced latticework to the gallery and the x frame cross stretchers. This coffee table is a larger and a lot better made than usual and it must have cost a lot of money when new. It certainly would cost a lot of money to have made today. It is in very solid and in good condition except for a few minor scratches which we think will buff out with beeswax. Please ask about restoration and shipping options.

English mid 20th century £350


76cm / 30" deep
107cm / 42" wide
48cm / 19" high surface
51cm / 20" high max

Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Twin Pedestal Antique Dining Table

0611201919th Century Two Pedestal Antique Dining Table 267cm 105¼L 146cm 57½w 72cm 28½h each end 26 _2.JPG

Early 19th century mahogany twin pedestal antique dining table. This table has two removable leaves supported by removable bearers. Either leaf can be removed, but not both at the same time. This table is pictured as it came to us and the colour will be improved immensely when it has been re-polished with beeswax. The polishing is included in the price, but bear in mind that it takes time so will affect the delivery date.

English circa 1820 £12500

09 19 12

267cm / 105¼" long
146cm / 57½" deep
72cm / 28½" high
each end 26"

Early 19th Century Regency Simulated Rosewood Antique Armchair

19th Century Regency Beech Armchair 21w 21½d 33h 16hs wo cush 2.JPG

Early 19th century Regency armchair made of simulated rosewood on beech. The paint is faded and the frame is a little wobbly. This chair is priced to sell and so the restoration is not included in the price. Simulated rosewood was very popular during the Regency period and should not be regarded as necessarily inferior to a similar piece made of solid mahogany. Although the beech was less expensive than rosewood, the painted surface would have made up some of that cost.

English circa 1820 £350


54cm / 21" wide
55cm / 21½" deep
84cm / 33" high

Early Nineteenth Century George IV Period Mahogany Antique Sideboard

19th Century Pedestal Sideboard 21¼d 35½h 64w 1.JPG

Early 19th century George IV period mahogany antique sideboard with four drawers in the frieze and two cupboards below. There is lots of lovely storage space in the left hand side and the right hand side has a shelf over a wine drawer. The top is made from a single sheet of mahogany which is pretty impressive and the drawer and door fronts have an especially fine cut of bookmatched flame mahogany. This is a very attractive and practical sideboard which is unusually not very deep so will not encroach too far into the room.

English circa 1825 £980

CAR 005

54cm / 21¼" deep
90cm / 35½" high
163cm / 64" wide

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Corner Cupboard

18th Century Antique Corner Cupboard 29w at cornice 20d corner to cornice 41h _11.JPG

18th century George III period mahogany antique corner cupboard. This is a charming and useful little corner cupboard with bow fronted doors veneered with a geniunely interesting cut of flame mahogany. This is typical of the sort of top quality 18th century furniture which would have been very expensive when new but which now represents extremely good value for money. On top of that it has a really wonderful colour and patina that simply cannot be matched by furniture of any period since. We love the idea that this two hundred and fifty year old cupboard can grace the most aristocratic house, while at this price it is an affordable way to bring a sense of occasion to even the most humble dwelling.

English circa 1770 £650


74cm / 29" wide at cornice
51cm / 20" deep corner to cornice
104cm / 41" high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Window Seat

18th Century George III Period Antique Window Seat 24½h 14½hs 33w 17d _16.JPG

Eighteenth century George III period mahogany antique window seat standing on taper legs with carved flower decoration and molded edges. This window seat is an especially generous shape with unusually high arms, great curve and scrolled armrests. There is an H frame stretcher for strength and the corner stretchers are the correct early sort. We like this one for its graceful lines and generous shape.

English circa 1780 £2800

10 19 02

62cm / 24½" high
37cm / 14½" high seat
84cm / 33" wide
43cm / 17" deep

20th Century Brass Fire Fender

1510201920th century brass fire fender 52w 48w inside 65w max 60w inside max 19d 6h _1.JPG

Very nice brass fire fender with vase design at the corners. This fender adjusts in width from 52" to 65" at the outside and 48" to 52" inside.

English 20th Century £145


132cm / 52" wide outside min
122cm / 48" wide inside min
165cm / 65" wide outside max
152cm / 60" wide inside max
48cm / 19" deep
15cm / 6" high

Two Antique Turned Leg Bridgewater Easy Armchairs by Howard and Sons of London

1510201919th Century Pair of Antique Howard and Sons Turned Leg Bridgewaters 27w 27d frame 37d _5.JPG

Two Bridgewater model armchairs made by Howard and Sons of London.
These two chairs stand on the earlier sort of turned legs for which the company is so well known. These chairs are currently upholstered in sprung horsehair with no feather cushions. This method of upholstery lends itself to applications where the plumping of cushions is to be avoided, such as high use or public areas. The cushionless Bridgewater is also the ideal model to be upholstered in thick fabric or leather, neither of which work very well with down feathers. However, all the systems of upholstery have the same frame shape and, as when new, these chairs can be upholstered with a plain, waisted or button back or they can also be re-upholstered using the famous siege de duvet system which makes them so very comfortable.

English circa 1890 £6800 each
(price includes restoration and recovery,
but not the price of the fabric itself)

11 18 05

69cm / 27" wide at frame
76cm / 30" wide max
69cm / 27" deep frame
94cm / 37" deep max
86cm / 34" high
33cm / 13" high seat

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Serpentine Chest of Drawers

121020191760 Serpentine Front Antique Chest of Drawers Tambour 40¾W 21D 34H 4.JPG

Elegant and unusual antique chest of drawers with serpentine front. This chest of drawers has a very good colour and patina. There are ten drawers and a sliding tambour fronted cupboard in the centre. It stands on ogee bracket feet that follow the line of the serpentine front.

English circa 1760 £3800

12 18 02

103.5cm / 40¾" wide
50.5cm / 21" deep
68.5cm / 34" high

Early 19th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Sofa Table

0310201919th Century Mahogany Antique Sofa Table 21½D 56½W 34W min 27½H 2.JPG

Early 19th century George III period mahogany antique sofa table. This sofa table is a real delight, it has all the sought after details such as the four splay end support, high stretcher and it is free standing. As well as this the timber has a really wonderful grain pattern and it has achieved a wonderful colour and patina over its two hundred year old lifespan. Not immediately apparent at first glance is the inlaid decoration, which on closer inspection turns out to comprise bows and arrows. While hunting was a common past time for the aristocracy of centuries ago, it really is not common to see this sort of decoration at this period. This is a really wonderful sofa table with good narrow proportions and an excellent colour.

English circa 1810 £3800

01 19 05

55cm / 21½" deep
144cm / 56½" wide max
68cm / 34" wide min
70cm / 27½" high

Howard and Sons Chair

3009201919th Century Howard And Sons Bedroom Chair 25w 35h 15 hs 26d 21d frame _13.JPG

Very elegant Howard and Sons bedroom chair standing on the iconic turned front legs for which the company are known.

English circa 1880 £3800

25" wide
35" high
15" high seat
26" deep
21d frame

Early 19th Century George III Period Mahogany Twin Pedestal Antique Dining Table

3009201919th Century George III Twin Pedestal Antique Dining Table 46 w 28 h 83½ w _1.JPG

Early 19th century George III period mahogany twin pedestal antique dining table. This table can be made larger with the addition of another leaf. The top can be repolished which will greatly improve the colour. At the moment the varnish is hiding the wonderful grain pattern. Please ask about restoration options.
This table has the early sort of good close reeding on top of the legs and around the edge of the top. The base is very well drawn with a finely turned column and generously elongated four splay legs.

English circa 1810 £9800

117cm / 46" wide
71cm / 28" high
212cm / 83½" long