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At Hares Antiques, we realise that finding the right piece of furniture can be extremely time consuming and difficult. Even then it sometimes does not feel right when finally brought home.

Customers are welcome to browse through the stock in our showbarn at Parkway Farm and may well find what they are looking for here. However we have found, over the years, that many people need some help in locating specific items and from this developed our finding service.

We listen to your needs, consulting with you, in your home if necessary, and then use our experience and knowledge to find items for you.

We are then happy to bring them to your home to try before you make any decisions, as it is difficult to visualise how something will look in a particular setting.

This same service applies to upholstered furniture and we are happy to assist with fabric choices etc.

To use this service, please phone or email us at:

Hares Antiques
Parkway Farm
GL54 3JL
United Kingdom

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