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Antiques for Sale

Antique Beds

Please enquire about our four poster beds. They are made using antique front posts and are constructed to any size in the traditional way.

Antique Four Poster Bed

Antique four poster bed, the front posts being George III period which are turned with reeding, acanthus decoration and finishing in square sections at the base. This bed is tenon jointed with bolts at the corners to allow it to be dismantled and moved around. We do have a stock of old posts and can make four posters to any length and width using old front posts with a tenon jointed frame made of sapele.

The posts English circa 1790
This bed £3800 as is or £5800 made larger

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221cm / 87" high
226cm / 89" long
145cm / 57" wide
211cm / 83" long inside

Regency Mahogany Antique Compaign Four Poster Bed

Early nineteenth century Regency mahogany campaign four poster bed. This bed has lost the reeded section of the front pillars, the easiest part to replace. The reeded section and side rails will be replaced in our restoration workshops which, unusually for an antique bed, will allow the customer to choose the height, length and width of the finished article. The bed is made from a very fine cut of mahogany, so the colour will be a good deep colour when the correct beeswax and shellac has been applied. Please enquire about colour, size and any restoration questions.

English circa 1815 £5,800
Price to include all wood work restoration except to make a cornice.
Mattress and covers not included, please ask for details.

Antique Bed Posts For Four Poster Bed

Antique bed posts ready to be made into a four poster bed. These are made in our own work shop using hard wood, they are properly jointed and can be made in any size.


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Mahogany antique four poster bed

Good quality four poster bed made of excellent mahogany. The bed has reeding and carved decoration which is typical of the period. Restoration to the woodwork (show wood and structure) is included in the price.

English circa 1830-1837


62 1/2" or 159 wide
7'  or 213 high
78" or 198 deep