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Antique Bookcases

This is a list of the current stock of antique bookcases. There are large bookcases listed in the sections entitled "breakfront bookcases" and there are secretaire/secretary/bureau bookcases listed under "secretaire bookcases". Click on images to enlarge them and do contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Pair of Antique Bookcases

Pair of early 19th century bookcases in the Gothic style. This is a really wonderful pair of bookcases which provide lots of storage while remaining usefully shallow in depth.

English circa 1825 £8000

10 19 03

117cm / 46" wide
89.5cm / 35¼" high
29cm / 11½" deep

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Bookcase

18th century George III period mahogany antique bookcase with two glazed drawers above two cupboards. This is a really wonderful bookcase with lots of things that set it above the rest. The cornice is an especially well drawn and generously shaped version of the broken arch pediment design. The astral glazing is reeded and has a pleasing curve at the top where it comes together with its neighbour. Each of the lower doors has an oval made of flame mahogany with mitred corners. There is box wood stringing which follows the ovals and rectangular boxwood stringing which follows the outer shape of the doors and around the cornice. The whole bookcase is usefully narrow front to back so it will not encroach too far into the drawing room, which also makes it ideal for a landing or corridor. The shelves are adjustable in both the top and the base.
This bookcase is a really lovely piece of furniture which looks its best when viewed first hand. It is a top quality piece that will really stand out in even the grandest country house drawing room.

English circa 1790 £12800

DC 002

43" / 109cm wide
93½" 238cm high
13" / 33cm deep

Antique Amboyna Hanging Shelves

Interesting aesthetic hanging shelves made of amboyna with gilt and ebonised decoration. This is an exceptionally fine quality little bookcase with precision construction and made of expensive timber.

English circa 1870 £850

05 16 07

20cm / 8" deep
83cm / 32½" high
50cm / 19½" wide

Antique Cabinet

Arts and crafts cabinet made by Marsh Jones and Cribb, this cabinet is extraordinarily well made and uses some of the finest timber we have seen in a piece from this period. It is ebonised with solid ebony sections and has panels made of pure burr elm, gilt stringing and a mirror. English circa 1875 £6,800

08 12 13

Marsh Jones and Cribb were based in Leeds and later also London. They were associated with such important designers as Charles Bevan, Bruce Talbert and William Lethaby. The firm exhibited to great success at the Paris exhibition of 1878. They are a very famous and influential company of designers and manufactures and their pieces are interesting to study and collect as there is so much information about them available.

This piece is so well made that it could have been created not for a customer but to demonstrate the skill of the manufacturer at one of the exhibitions at which the company participated.

height: 42 in. (107 cm)
second height: 4 ft. 7 in. (140 cm)
depth: 17 in. (43 cm)
width/length: 48 in. (122 cm)

18th century antique cabinet

Early 18th century walnut cabinet / bookcase. This bookcase is made of burr walnut quarter cut veneer with feather banding around the drawers and pre-cockbeading double molded edge around the drawers and glazing. This is a very tactile piece of furniture that everyone likes to touch. It was made before the age of mahogany and is a charming honey colour. It is unusually small and its warm colour means that it should compliment any room.

English circa 1710 £12,800

59" high
29" wide
19" deep

Oak bookcase

Oak bookcase of unusually small proportions with cupboards underneath, it has thin glazing bars and delicate molding typical of the late Georgian period

English circa 1800 £1850
02 09 13

19" deep
76" high
38 1/2" wide