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Antique Sofa Tables

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Antique Sofa Table

Early 19th century George III period antique sofa table. This sofa table really has it all, it is narrow front to back, it has a high stretcher, the stretcher is curved, it has faded to a wonderful honey colour, it has brass stringing, it has cedar lined drawers, it has hidden hinges, it has the old blue paper in the drawers, it is free standing, it has elegant end supports, it has downstretched legs which run out almost parallel to the floor, it has really well figured brass caster caps and good quality casters. The restoration is included in the price, please call or email with any questions.

English circa 1810 £4800

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26¼" / 66½cm deep
28" / 71cm high
63½" / 161cm wide max
45" / 114cm wide min

Early 19th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Sofa Table

Early 19th century George III period mahogany antique sofa table. This sofa table is a real delight, it has all the sought after details such as the four splay end support, high stretcher and it is free standing. As well as this the timber has a really wonderful grain pattern and it has achieved a wonderful colour and patina over its two hundred year old lifespan. Not immediately apparent at first glance is the inlaid decoration, which on closer inspection turns out to comprise bows and arrows. While hunting was a common past time for the aristocracy of centuries ago, it really is not common to see this sort of decoration at this period. This is a really wonderful sofa table with good narrow proportions and an excellent colour.

English circa 1810 £3800

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55cm / 21½" deep
144cm / 56½" wide max
68cm / 34" wide min
70cm / 27½" high