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Antique Tea Tables & Pembroke Tables

This page is for antique tea tables including Sutherland tables, Pembroke tables and other similar sorts of tables. Remember to check all the categories of tables as the sort you are after may well be in a different section. Please click on the photographs in order to enlarge the image and do please call us if you do not find what you are looking for here

Antique Pembroke Table

Eighteenth century George III period mahogany antique pembroke table. This pretty little table is really outstanding, it is made of an especially interesting cut of mahogany, it has a lovely shaped top, it has mahogany lined drawers, it has stringing and cross banding, the top has mitered corners and it is in lovely original untouched condition.

English circa 1770 £1650

A-MH 049

90cm / 35½" wide max
47cm / 18½" wide down
69cm / 27" deep
69cm  / 27" high

George III Period Mahogany Antique Pembroke Table

Charming little George III period mahogany antique Pembroke table. This table is very nicely made, with reeding around the edge of the top, elegant turned legs, thin frieze, double loper supports, one real and one dummy drawer, mahogany drawer linings, precision dove tails, dense grained mahogany and hidden hinges.
This is a really good little Pembroke table for the money and it is 28½" high which is about as tall as they come at this period.

English circa 1810 £420

48cm / 19" wide
95cm / 37½" wide
91cm / 35¾" deep
72cm / 28½" high

George III Period Mahogany Antique Pembroke Table

Very pretty George III period mahogany antique Pembroke table standing on square taper legs with fine quality brass caps and casters. This is an elegant table with stringing around the top and unusually on the corners of the legs as well. The top has a nicely detailed molded edge and there is the normal arrangement of drawer and dummy drawer. This is a very fine table and it is hard to believe that a two hundred year old table could be in such fine condition and at such a low price too.

English circa 1790 £1250
05 19 04

76cm / 30" deep
49.5cm / 19½" wide
97cm / 38" wide
71cm / 28" high

Regency Mahogany Antique Tea Table

Regency mahogany antique tea table. This two hundred year old table is made of a very interesting cut of well figured mahogany which is inlaid with ebony stringing. Photographed here before restoration, this table will be buffed to show room condition by our in-house team of restorers using a cloth and the finest beeswax available to humanity.

English circa 1810 £1,650

08 16 09

89cm / 35" wide open
92cm / 36" deep open
44cm / 17½" deep closed
72cm / 28½" high

Regency mahogany antique Pembroke table

Extremely fine quality Regency mahogany antique Pembroke table made by Gillows of Lancaster, the best furniture maker in England in the 18th and 19th centuries, this table has all the best Gillows features such as the classic Gillow leg as seen in the sketch books, coffered sections by the drawers, wonderful mahogany of the sort which Gillows do seem to have had the monopoly, mahogany lined drawers and wonderful dovetailed construction.

English circa 1820 £2,900

28 1/2" high
42" deep
24" wide both leaves down
50" wide both leaves up