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Antique Wine Tables, End Tables, Whatnots

This page is for antique wine tables, end tables and whatnots. Please click on the photographs in order to enlarge the image and do please call us if you do not find what you are looking for here

Early 19th Century Chinese Export Sewing Table / Work Table

A very fine quality Chinese export lacquer work table. The lid lifts to reveal compartments for needlework tools and storage. The detail of the lacquer work is quite incredible and the whole table is profusely covered, even the inside of the legs and the stretcher. The top is worn, but the exceptional quality and condition of the decoration to the rest of the piece more than makes up for this. This work table comes apart by the use of thumb screws underneath, so it was designed for travelling and perhaps even a campaign piece. The proportions, end support and the shape of the top would indicate an early date of manufacture as well as giving this table very pleasing lines with thin sections and a narrow frieze. There are some repairs to the legs which are a bit wobbly but can be repaired. Please let us know if you need more photos and contact us to discuss your restoration requirements of course.

English circa 1820 £1850


71cm / 28' high
64cm / 25" wide
41cm / 16¼" deep

Two Antique Wine Tables / End Tables

Two very elegant antique mahogany wine tables standing on outstretched tripod base with slender faux bamboo column and rectangular top. These tables can be polished with beeswax to retain the patina or alternatively they can be totally re-polished to almost any shade and shine. Please note that they are slightly different depths.

English circa 1890 £1250

12 19 05

48cm / 18¾" deep
45cm / 17¾" deep
32cm / 12½" wide both
74cm / 29h" high both

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Tripod Table

18th Century George III period mahogany antique tripod table. This is a nice old table with good colour and patination, neatly turned column and shapely leg which runs parallel to the ground before terminating with a good pointed toe.
This table is also slightly lower than normal which may be more useful in the modern home.

English circa 1790 £380


30" / 76cm wide
29¾" / 75cm deep
27" / 69 cm high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Tripod Table

George III period mahogany antique wine table with raised turned edge standing on especially elegant baluster turned column support and tripod base with shapely knee and slender ankles. This table is unusually low for the period so it might be just the thing for those of you with post-Regency upholstery in the drawing room.

English circa 1780 £580

35cm / 13¼" wide
56cm / 22" high

18th Century George III Period Mahogany Antique Tripod Wine Table / Lamp Table

18th century George III period mahogany antique tripod wine table. This table is a wonderful colour and has an excellent patina. The base is slender and elegant with outstretched tripod base typical of the late 18th century period.
This table is photographed here exactly as it came in and prior to restoration.

English circa 1780 £650

07 18 03

47cm / 18½" deep
46cm / 18¾"  wide
73cm / 28¾" high

Pair Of Antique Whatnots By Howard And Sons Of London

Very fine quality pair of antique walnut whatnots. This pair of whatnots are very well made with generous barley twist columns and wonderfully well figured walnut show wood. The tops are covered with lovely old skiver which might well be the original, but can be changed if required.

English circa 1890 £3800
Made by Howard and Sons, Berners Street, London


13" / 33cm deep
20" / 51cm wide
29" / 74cm high surface
31½" / 80cm high max

Early 20th Century Freestanding Rosewood Antique Centre Table

Very fine quality early 20th century antique centre table made of exceptional quality timber and with very intricate inlay. This table was a wedding present for the original owner and has been in the same family ever since. At a time when a lot of furniture was mass produced, very fine quality furniture of this sort had become impossibly expensive. This represents the last period of truly great cabinetmaking before centuries of knowledge were lost in the war along with the  skilled craftspeople, great furniture companies and the wonderful timbers that went with them. This is a really fine table, the price of which in no way reflects its true value. The timber alone would now cost more to buy than the table itself. This table is freestanding with the same decoration to all sides.

English circa 1910 £450


69cm / 27¼" deep
70cm / 27½" wide
75cm / 29½" high

Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Antique Bed Side Table / Night Stand / End Table / Wine Table

Early 19th century regency mahogany antique bedside cupboard. This cupboard has good Regency proportions with slender legs and good dovetails. The casters and handles appear to be original. The legs are simulated bamboo which was a popular device at the time, pioneered and made famous by Brighton Pavilion and the Prince Regent. This bedside cupboard is very versatile having lift up leaves each side as, but more unusual it had two drawers one side and a fold down cupboard door on the reverse. A very elegant and useful piece of furniture.

English circa 1820 £580

79cm / 31" wide
36cm / 14" wide
72cm / 28½" high
47cm / 18¼" deep

19th Century Arts And Crafts Antique Wine Table / Lamp Table

19th century antique wine table or lamp table with pine base and oak top. The pine is a good quality straight grained variety with no knots, the top is made of oak inlaid with several other timbers inlaid with marquetry in a series of concentric star shapes around a central pointed star. Nice to see four legs rather than three. This is a fun and functional hand made table that is far cheaper than it should be for a table of this age and quality.

British circa 1890 £180

08 10 02

59cm / 23" deep
59cm / 23" wide
75cm / 29½" high

Antique Writing Table / Wine Table / Centre Table

Regency mahogany centre table / writing table / lamp table, the rectangular top crossbanded in tulipwood and fruitwood, with two drawers in the frieze and the feet with scrolled reeded brackets.

English circa 1810 £4,800

02 16 01
Provenance: Sold and valued Maple and Co, BADA, 1971

30" wide
23" deep
29½" high

Pair of Satinwood Tables

Fine pair of Georgian revival wine tables. This pair of tables are made of a particularly interesting cut of satin wood with harewood / sycamore inlay and ebonised detail. The splay legs make them more stable than their elegant design would suggest.

English circa 1900 £950

06 15 04

11" wide
11" deep
27½" high

Antique work box or sewing table

Antique work box / sewing table made of a choice cut of oak with crossbanding made of top quality rosewood. This is a very rare combination of timbers and especially for this period. Bear in mind that this is not vernacular piece and neither was it made in a Victorian factory. This is a precision made Regency piece of furniture with hand cut dovetails typical of the pre Victorian period. This table has two drawers as well as the bottom deep sampler drawer. The top drawer has a sliding and lift out tray with dividers for different threads or implements. The sampler drawer has a very clever locking mechanism which prevents it from opening if the middle drawer is not open. The reverse of this table is finished with oak and crossbanding to make it totally freestanding.

English circa 1820 £2,250

20" wide
17" deep
29" high

Antique tripod table

Antique tripod table / wine table / lamp table dating from the George III period. This table is made of really good dense mahogany with interesting grain pattern. The pie crust edge is also raised, a very labour intensive process. A raised pie crust edge is a decorative feature that can also help prevent things falling off the table top. The base is a good slender early design with rope twist column and good generous splay to the legs.

English circa 1780 £1,850
11 13 07

31½" wide
31¼" wide
28½" high

Antique yew wood tripod table

Antique yew wood tripod table / lamp table / wine table. To those in the know this timber needs no introduction. Yew wood has a unique way in which its fine grain lines fade to a deep golden colour with the passage of time.

English circa 1810 £2800

14½" deep
14¼" wide
28" high

Antique writing table

Little walnut writing table with fine old skiver top and intricate tooling. This table is 28 1/2" high which makes it the perfect height for use as a wine table, lamp table or for by the bed.

English circa 1850 £950

19 1/2" deep
26 1/2" wide
28 1/2" high

Antique wine table by Gillow of Lancaster

Antique wine table by Gillow of Lancaster, this is a really wonderful design with excellent crisp carving straight out of the Gillows design book, it is made of very rare Goncales Alves timber which has the density of mahogany with the light bending capabilities of satin wood.



Useful little antique whatnot in mahogany with good elegant turned supports, lovely colour and with useful drawer and original knobs

English circa 1825 £1,450
MS 289

15" deep
19" wide
41" high (to the surface)

George III mahogany 3 tier antique dumb waiter

Charming George III mahogany 3 tier antique dumb waiter or antique whatnot. Very useful at chair side for holding drinks, remote control, books or in the corner of a room to display plants or photograph frames. This is an elegant early version with tripod base and slender turned column. The timber is good dense grained mahogany which has faded to a good golden brown colour. Restoration is included in the price and the finish will look even more wonderful when our workshops have polished it with traditional beeswax.

English circa 1780 £2,800

64cm / 25" deep
64cm / 25" wide
128cm / 50½" high

19th century ebonised and inlaid antique planter

C19th ebonised and inlaid antique planter / plant stand / jardinaire.

French, circa 1860 £250

16" wide
31" high max
30½" high to surface