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Antique Pedestal Dining Tables

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Antique Twin Pedestal Dining Table

Antique dining table standing on two pedestal quadraform bases with narrow frieze. The dining table is made of flame mahogany with really outstanding figuring across the whole surface. Being unusually large for an antique twin pillar dining table makes it much less expensive than an antique three pedestal table of similar dimension.

English circa 1830 £16,500

137 1/2" long
54" wide
29 1/2" high

47 1/2" & 47 each end
43" the middle leaf

Three pedestal dining table

Three pedestal mahogany dining table of huge proportions. This table is an unusually large scale with very generous splay to the legs which run parallel to the floor at their extreme. This is a very economical way of buying a table of this scale and quality. The tops come off for easy removal and storage. The two leaves are removable to ajust the length in the normal way.
English 20th Century £11,000
18 feet 1 long / 217" long max
15 feet long / 178" long without leaves
66" wide
28½" high

Antique Twin Pillar Dining Table

Antique George III revival twin pedestal dining table standing on outstretched three splay bases. This table has no frieze and so there is plenty of room for knees. Judging by the timber and the construction, the pedestals look as if they may be from the 1780 period, the top having been put on perhaps to replace if the original was damaged.

English circa 1900 £5,500

45" wide
87" long
30" high


Antique three pedestal dining table

Antique three pedestal dining table with extremely unusual support mechanism. Each end of the table has two swinging arms which attach to the centre section. Almost unique at this early period, this enables the three pillars to support four floating removable leaves. This mechanism also allows for full flexibility as it can also support two leaves in the conventional way, as well as being able to fit together with the three main tables with no floating leaves at all.
This table really has it all, really fine timber, wonderful four splay bases and this unique mechanism for the ultimate in versatility.

English circa 1810 £68,000
Attributed to Gillow of Lancaster and London

54" wide
95" long with no leaves
118" one leaf
141" long with two leaves
165" with three leaves
188" long with four leaves

Oak antique twin pillar dining table

Antique twin pillar dining table unusually of oak. The timber is good quality with lots of lovely medullary rays. The twin pedestal four splay base is a generous form with good wide stance and slender leg and column. The middle leaf is removable in the normal way and another leaf can be supplied to make the table longer.

English circa 1815 £7,800

44" wide
62½" no leaf
82½" one leaf

100" or more with an additional leaf

Antique three pedestal dining table

Antique three pedestal dining table made of huge sheets of really fine quality Cuban mahogany. This table has it all, excellent colour and patination,  a wonderful country house scale and outstretched legs which terminate parallel to the ground.

The three tops are made of six huge sheets of timber cut from the same piece to create a symmetrical grain pattern on each section. The edge of the top is double thickness the whole way around. This device is a specifically Irish construction method which increases the strength of the top and keeps the leaves from warping without the need for an obtrusive frieze. As with all tables that have no frieze, this one has plenty of knee room for tall guests.

Irish circa 1820 £58,000

Attributed to William Mack and Gibton. William Mack and Gibton were one of the most important Dublin furniture makers of the period. They supplied many of the important houses of Ireland. They were renowned for bold classical designs, crisp carving, use of the finest timbers and construction quality that was second to none.

59½" deep
183½" long
15' 3½" long

151cm deep
466cm long

Antique dining table standing on four pedestals

Antique dining table standing on four pedestals, each pillar with four splay legs. This table has an early version of the so called "Regency Knee" and has elegant outswept legs which run almost parallel to the floor at the extremity. This is a very well drawn table which created the impression of space and light so as not to take up visual space in the room. The thin top with reeded edge, reeded legs and delicacy of design are all parts of this overall effect. A very rare and important dining table, this is one of the best.

English circa 1810 £58,000

28 3/4" high
57" wide
175 1/2" with one central leaf
21' long max with three leaves

Provenance: From the country house of Mrs. Kellogg Lee, Skipton, Maryland

Antique twin pillar dining table

Antique twin pillar dining table. This table is a tremendous scale with very generous splay to the legs and huge reeded columns made of a single piece of mahogany. The top is made of huge sheets of dense grained slow growing Cuban mahogany. The whole table is a wonderfully rich colour, despite having faded to a desirable pale colour.
It can take another one or two leaves to make it longer as necessary.

Irish circa 1820 £12,500

60" wide
28" high
78" long

18th century mahogany four pedestal dining table by Gillow

Extremely fine and rare late 18th century mahogany four pedestal dining table by Gillow. English circa 1790. All original, this dining table bears the label or Stair and Andrew who supplied it to the previous owners around 1900.

Perhaps the best one in stock at the moment, this antique table is a very fine example of the late 18th century period of antique pedestal dining tables.
It has the elegant downward four splay base and close reeding on the edge and legs that are typical of the pre Regency period.

It has three removable leaves and the tops tilt and are removable in case you need to pack it away for an after dinner dance.

English circa 1790 £175,000

19 feet / 228" / 579cm long
67 3/4" / 172cm wide
28" / 71cm high

32" / 81cm each leaf
33" and 33 1/2" / 84cm / 85cm each end
33 1/2" and 33" / 85 / 84 each centre section

Three pillar antique dining table

Three pillar dining table standing on four splay bases terminating in brass cups and casters, the leaves are removable and the whole table tilts for easy storage £16,500

51" wide
154 1/2" long
29 1/2" each leaf
32 1/2" the centre section
31 1/2" each end

George III Mahogany Antique Dining Table

Good quality George III mahogany dining table, this table is made of dense grained mahogany which has an interesting grain pattern and nice deep colour and patination. The pedestals terminate in generous long four splay base with elegant and rare spade feet.

English circa 1790 £38,000

59 1/2" wide
11' 7 1/4" / 139 1/4" long

Regency three pillar mahogany antique dining table

Charming Regency three pillar mahogany antique dining table with ebony inlay in the manner of George Bullock, with lovely old colour and patination, the top has faded to a wonderful colour.

English circa 1815 £48,000

57" wide (145cm)
13' 11" / 167" long (424cm)

six pedestal mahogany antique dining table

Exceptionally large antique six pedestal mahogany antique dining table, it is a wonderful scale measuring 54" wide and 23 feet long even without any removable leaves. With the addition of 5 extra leaves this table could be as much as 30-33 feet long. English circa 1800

George III period mahogany Sunderland antique dining table

Lovely quality and unusual George III period mahogany Sunderland antique dining table with rare early concertina "scissors action" mechanism which folds down to a Pembroke table, bearing the name "Baldwin" on the hinges, this table has the original leaves, the whole top made of wonderful fine figured dense grained mahogany with ebony stringing to the base and frieze. All in all a charming and very versatile dining table. English circa 1800 £5,500


Length 71.5" max, 57.5" one leaf, 43.5" without leaves, 23" long folded
Width 48" Height 28.5"

William IV mahogany extending breakfast table

Unusual and versatile William IV mahogany extending breakfast table. This antique dining table is circular when the leaves are removed and either or both of the leaves can be inserted to seat more, while the base remains fixed. The top is 46.5" by 47" wide the mechanism extends to 79.5" English circa 1835 £8,800

George III mahogany three pedestal antique dining table

A most unusual and interesting George III mahogany three pedestal antique dining table which, when the middle pedestal is used on its own, has two small leaves to round off the edges, making it a stand-alone breakfast table, while the two d-ends can be put against a wall, or clipped together to make a twin pedestal dining table.

English circa 1800 £24,500

Maximum length, with all interleaves installed: 121 inches / 10'1"  / 307cm
Overall width: 54.5 inches / 139cm
Length with both interleaves removed: 79.5 inches / 202 cm
Dimensions of middle pedestal with two "mini-leaves": 40inches x 54.5 inches / 102cm x 139cm
When two end pedestals only are used: 53.5 x 54.5 inches / 136cm x 139cm
Height: 28.5 inches / 73cm

George III Cuban mahogany three pillar dining table

An antique dining table, George III Cuban mahogany three pillar dining table, each pedestal with four splay legs terminating in brass castor feet.

English, circa 1810 £24,500

Length: 11 feet 2 inches       (134 inches)    340cm
Width: 4 feet 2 inches            (50 inches)     127cm