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Antique Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered Easy Armchair In The Manner of Howard and Sons

Very comfortable easy armchair standing on square taper legs. This chair is very similar in shape and construction to Howard and Sons Bridgewater chair. It has the same serpentine shape when viewed from the side and the same rake where the back legs are shorter than the front. More importantly it has the same built-in down filled cushions as a Howard Bridgewater, so it is just as comfortable but a little less money. The previous owner said that it was in the famly from new and bought from Heals, but there is no makers name on the chair that we can see. All in all this is a very good chair indeed, there are lots of chairs that look like a Howard chair, but it is only very occasionally that we find one that is as comfortable too.

English circa 1910 £2800

AGH 005
Attributed to Heals of London

69cm / 27" wide frame
79cm / 31" wide max
71cm / 28" deep frame
99cm / 39" deep max
86cm / 34" high max
48cm / 19" high seat

Antique wing chair

Nice low and comfortable antique wing chair in reasonable condition it looks like it has been recovered recently

English circa 1900 £950

34" high
35" wide
36" deep

19th century library or drawing room chair

Very good comfortable nineteenth century library or drawing room chair with turned legs and good lumber support. This chair is comfortable as it is, or it can be re covered in any fabric. The shape and lack of cushions means it would be the perfect chair to upholster in leather. Please note that the frame is loose. Sold as is or ask about restoration.

English c.1880 £380 as is or
£1200 restored (fabric extra)

79cm / 31" wide
92cm / 36" deep
92cm / 36" high