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Unusually Small Early 18th Century William And Mary Period Oak Bureau

Unusually small early 18th century William and Mary period oak bureau. This bureau has moulding on the aperture around the drawers, rather than cock beading on drawers themselves as found on later pieces. The drop handles are nice and restrained and the locks are good old ones. This bureau comes into two parts, which is the earlier design that pre dates the idea of a hidden well. The surface has a very nice tone to it which will improve even more when we have waxed it. The colour manages to vary from deep brown to golden honey without being either too clogged with dirt or having been scrubbed clean. We love this piece for its small size, its lovely old handles, locks and hinges, and the wonderful colour. Best of all, now that we all have laptops not desktops, the bureau is useful again. A beautiful three hundred year old piece of furniture for under three grand? Amazing.

English circa 1700 £2800

09 17 16

64cm / 25" wide
92cm / 36" high
45cm / 17½" deep
71cm / 28" high to surface