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Antique Extending Dining Tables

Please click on the photographs in order to enlarge the image and do please call us if you do not find what you are looking for here. There are seperate pages for pillar / pedestal tables and refectory / vernacular tables

Antique Gillows Dining Table

Large antique dining table made by Gillow of Lancaster and London, this table has an exceptionally strong mechanism and stands on only six legs which are tucked away from the edge of the table to provide maximum leg room in typical Gillow fashion. The top is made of very fine figured mahogany with an interesting grain pattern and banding round the edge. The mechanism is stamped with the makers name and the order number.

English circa 1860 £36000

72.5cm / 28½" high
145cm / 57" wide
146cm / 57½" long minimum
528cm / 208" long mechanism
481cm / 189½" long with present leaves
One leaf 37cm / 14¾"
One leaf 57cm / 22¼"
Four leaves each 61cm / 24"

Regency Mahogany Antique Dining Table

Early 19th century Regency mahogany extending dining table attributed to Gillow of Lancaster and London. This table has one of the best runs of matched mahogany that we have seen for a long time. The timber has a really beautiful grain pattern and it is either all from the same tree or has been carefully chosen so that it all matches. Being an importer of timber themselves Gillow had vast range of timber at their disposal and the grain pattern chosen for this solid mahogany top is typical of their best pieces, as too is the fiddle back veneer chosen for the frieze at the ends and either side. The mechanism is a very clever double sash movement which unusually allows the ends of the top to over sail the legs. This means that there are no legs at the corners when the table is fully extended. The mechanism itself is very well constructed and it still slides very smoothly. This table will seat twelve comfortably and can squeeze fourteen if they are good friends.

English circa 1820 £18500


The carrier
70cm / 27½" deep
36cm / 14" wide
148cm / 58" high

The table
125cm / 49" long min
425cm / 167½" long max
132cm / 52" wide
73cm / 28½" high

The leaves are
62cm / 24½"
62cm / 24½"
61.5cm / 24¼"
60.5cm / 23¾"
53cm / 20¾"

19th Century Mahogany Antique Extending Dining Table Attributed To Gillow

This antique dining table is exceptionally versatile and extremely well made. The top is made of huge sheets of the finest mahogany, the legs are made from single pieces of solid mahogany and even the mechanism is made from dense grained mahogany. There are original clips for the existing leaves and there is a clip holder in the mechanism. There is an order number stamped to the mechanism which starts with an L which is usually a Gillow mark. There are original leaves that take it to a fraction under fourteen feet and one more leaf would make it almost sixteen feet long. Unusually for an antique dining table the sizes are almost round numbers in feet, that they are a small amount under a round figure is probably due to shrinkage. The table is five feet round, each leaf is two feet, so the table can be five feet long, seven feet, nine feet, eleven feet, thirteen feet, or fourteen feet with a smaller leaf. With the addition of another two foot long leaf the table can be sixteen feet long. This table is extremely solid and strong. The design of the mechanism and the quality of construction means that we can firmly attribute this table to Gillow of Lancaster and London.

English circa 1860 £18,500

06 17 06

152cm / 5' round
74cm / 29" high
one leaf 213cm / 7ft
two leaves 273cm / 9ft
threeleaves 334cm / 11ft
four leaves 396cm / 13ft
then 426cm / 14ft or 487cm / 16ft with a new leaf

Large Early Nineteenth Century Antique Extending Dining Table

Large early 19th century antique extending dining table standing on richly carved and shaped cabriole legs of architectural form. This table is very impressive in the flesh and would not be lost in a very large room. It is very heavy to lift, very solid and well made. Apologies for the photographs, they will be updated following restoration. If the table sells before restoration then the new owner will be able to choose what colour and level of shine the restorers should aim for.

English circa 1820 £25,000
02 09 25

150cm  / 5 feet wide
420cm / 14 feet long

Antique Dining Table

Regency mahogany antique dining table. This table is versatile with three removable leaves and a mechanism that unbolts to create two separate tables in case the dining room needs to be used for something else. The frieze is good and narrow for maximum leg room and the legs are an especially finely turned and reeded example of this Regency period design.

English circa 1820 £8,500

AN 001

53½" wide
28½" high
119" long
9'11" long

Early 19th Century Regency Mahogany Antique Extending Pembroke Dining Table

Rare early extending antique dining table. The idea of an extending dining table was one that dates back centuries. However, there was not a really useful way of making a table adjustable, while retaining its structural integrity, until around 1805. This was the year of the first patent for a concertina or scissors action extending dining table, which was taken out by Wilkinsons of Moorfields in London.
Not long after this the later system of sliding bearers became widespread, so having a concertina action is a good indication of age.
This table is made of good solid mahogany with surprisingly heavy leaves, there is reeding and turned decoration on the legs.
As this table is also an extending Pembroke table it has hinged leaves so it can be stored and transported much more easily.
This is especially useful so it can be carried from room to room or out to the garden without having to be turned on its side.

English circa 1815 £6,800
KW 001

100" max
49" wide
29 1/2" high
Size of leaves 25¼” each
Size of table folded down and closed 25½”
Size of table closed with leaves out 49½”

19th century antique extending writing table

Very unusual all original early nineteeth century writing table or library table which extends to take two additional leaves to receive large documents, architects drawings or reference books, this is useful in a library or as a very elegant centre table, but also would be a very practical dining table to which will seat six when extended, this table is exceptionally well made with precision dovetails, excellent joints, a drawer as well as extending mechanism, the whole piece made of the most wonderful dense grained cuban mahogany, English circa 1830 £4,800

03 10 08

It is 29.5" tall and the size of the top is as follows

45" by 27" when down, each leaf is 18" to make it 45" by 45" with one leaf or
45" by 63" with both leaves

Extending dining table

Good solid antique extending dining table. This table is made of very dense grained cuban mahogany which has a good interesting grain pattern. The mechanism of the table is so strong that it only needs four legs to support it. That means that none of the guests has a table leg to bash into during dinner. It is pictured here just as it came to us before restoration. It will be restored in our own workshops using traditional materials and techniques.

English circa 1835 £9,500.
09 12 08

125" long max
59½" long min
47" wide
28 1/2" high

Regency mahogany antique dining table

Wonderful quality Regency mahogany antique dining table in good condition, this table has the very rare concertina mechanism which allows it to be stored as a side table if required, it also means ease of access from room to room, the ultimate versatile dining table it can be virtually any length from 47" long to 140" long, English circa 1810 £19,500
12 11 08

47" long min
140" long max
52 1/2" wide
The leaves are 21½", 23½", 24" and 24"

Regency period antique dining table

Wonderful Regency period antique dining table made of really fine figured mahogany standing on elegant slender turned and tapering legs, has original top as pictured and can take another leaf to extend to 12 feet long and 5 feet wide

English circa 1825 £12,500

ANO 009

Regency mahogany antique dining table

Excellent quality Regency mahogany antique dining table in the manner of Gillow of Lancaster, this table is made of very well figured dense grained mahogany and has a precision made hard wood bearer system, it extends with legs at the corners, the centre legs are deep under the table for maximum knee room, the whole design being much more generous of design and of a quality that far exceeds the norm for this sort of table. A very versatile table with easy to adjust flexible sizes and very strong too.

English circa 1820 £14,500
05 12 05

52" wide x 58" long without leaves
10'7" or 127" long extended

Regency mahogany antique dining table by Gillow of Lancaster

Extremely fine Regency mahogany antique dining table made by Gillow of Lancaster, the foremost cabinet maker in the Britain in the 18th and 19 centuries, this table has all of the Gillow hallmarks that make it among the very best dining tables possible such as the classic Gillow leg, the use of wonderful finely figured Cuban mahogany for the top, the mahogany mechanism, precision dovetail construction, and the legs which are thoughtfully tucked very far under the table out of the way. English circa 1820


59.5" wide

18' long

George III mahogany Sunderland antique dining table

Lovely quality and unusual George III period mahogany Sunderland antique dining table with rare early concertina "scissors action" mechanism which folds down to a Pembroke table, bearing the name "Baldwin" on the hinges, this table has the original leaves, the whole top made of wonderful fine figured dense grained mahogany with ebony stringing to the base and frieze. All in all a charming and very versatile dining table. English circa 1800 £5,500

ANO 010


Length 71.5" max, 57.5" one leaf, 43.5" without leaves, 23" long folded
Width 48" Height 28.5"

Regency mahogany extending antique dining table

Regency mahogany extending antique dining table, this one is probably a campaign table, English circa 1815 £9,500

RF 020