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Refectory Dining Tables

Antique refectory tables are very useful and practical dining tables as they are both highly decorative with wonderful colour and depth of patination and also very durable. The surface is usually not finished with a shellac polish like a mahogany table and so this sort of vernacular table is very well suited to a modern multi purpose kitchen where the table is as likely to be used as a desk and work surface as for dining. These tables are always coming and going, so please email us with your requirements as there may be more in stock than appear on this page

Mid Century Dining Table

Extremely fine quality dining table designed by Michael Knott and made by Eric Bumstead in 1964. Michael Knott is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London "the World's most influential post graduate institute of art and design" according to their own website. This is one of the best made tables from this period that we have seen. It is made from solid cuts of timber rather than veneer, the top is cleated and the sections of wood run the length of the table. The lack of frieze means lots of knee room and the pedestal support means that table legs do not get in the way of human ones. This is a very beautiful table whose elegant design conceals its impressive weight. These photos do not do it justice!

English 1964 £8800
Designer Michael Knott
Maker Eric Bumstead


91.5cm / 36" wide
222cm / 87½" long
74cm / 29" high

Antique Georgian Period Country Vernacular X Frame Refectory Dining Table

18th century antique refectory dining table. This table has a lot of things going for it, it is charming, has great patination and is extremely practical. The charming part is that it has a really tactile faded surface, all it needs is a little wax from our in house workshop to bring out the lovely pale honey colour. It is made of two of our favorite timbers for vernacular furniture, a sycamore top and elm base. This table is eminently practical, it is high for the period, it has the legs out of the way with lots of knee room. We especially like the metal bracket that runs the length of the table from the centre of each X. Being both robust and good looking makes this a practical table for hard work or hard partying.

English circa £9,800

84cm / 33" deep
221cm / 87" wide
74cm / 29" high

Oak antique refectory dining tables

Very nice quality oak antique refectory dining tables, there are three the same, so you can join them together to make a table that looks like a 15 foot long refectory table for only £4,200! Or buy them one at a time for £1,400 each.

05 11 03

Each one 59 1/2" long by 41" wide